How to Build Confidence in Children

Confidence is truly a gift that can be carried everywhere on life’s journey and one of the most beneficial gifts we can ever give to our children.

The following strategy can be used to develop your child’s self confidence and belief in their abilities regardless of how academic, athletic or creative they are.

If your child has a weakness in any area, and let’s face it, we all have weaknesses, the secret is to build their confidence by focusing on their strengths. EVERYBODY IS GOOD AT SOMETHING!!! And as parents and carers our responsibility is to focus on the strengths in our children.

Is your child good at…

  • Sport
  • Art
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Maths
  • Writing stories or reports
  • Science
  • Being a nice person
  • Caring for others

Boost your child’s confidence by giving praise and positive reinforcement whenever they display ability or talent. With consistent praise and encouragement, your child’s confidence will increase dramatically and along with that their belief in their abilities and their willingness to attempt more difficult tasks.

Make sure your child is given the gift of self confidence. It will be one of the most valuable he or she will ever receive!

For further parenting tips and advice to assist in building your child’s self confidence, self esteem and to really improve their personal and social skills as well, visit our website blog and check the “Parenting Skills”  category. We are constantly adding loads of really helpful strategies, suggestions and advice that you can use to assist your child in really developing their confidence so they can become the successful young adult they deserve to be!

Katrina Kahler

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